Industrial Use


Our abundant lineup is designed to meet all of our customers’ needs. All of our generators are compact and lightweight in addition to using brushless excitation making them highly efficient and reliable. Our high-voltage and large-output generators utilize PMG eliminating the need for an onboard excitation power supply transformer and making a space saving panel a reality.
We can design products according to specifications such as application or installation location, achieving a long and solid lifespan for the products we provide meeting customers’ needs.

Standard Specifications
Applicable standards JIS, JEC, JEM, NEGA
Usage Continuous use, emergency use
Voltage rating Low voltage: 200V class, 400V class (*1)
High voltage: 3300V, 6600V
Frequencies 60Hz, 50Hz
IP codes IP20 (IP21 - 23, 44 are options)
Insulation F class
Environmental Conditions Ambient temperature: -5℃ - 45℃ (*2)
Altitude conditions: less than 1,000m (*2)
Number of poles 2P, 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P, 12P
Other 3-phase 3-wire system (single phase winding, 3-phase 4-wire system) (*2)

*1 Please inquire regarding specific voltage.
*2 Standard specifications are displayed. Please inquire regarding specifications outside the specified ranges that can also be supported.
Inquire here.

Output range