Launch of an IoS Open Platform and IoS-OP Consortium

The IoS (Internet of Ships) Open Platform, which is the common infrastructure for the marine IoT, was recently launched and the IoS-OP Consortium, which is the related membership organization, held its first meeting on May 31, 2018.

We (Taiyo Electric) participated in the IoS-OP Consortium as a platinum member, and we will strive to further contribute to data utilization in the maritime industry.


What is the “IoS Open Platform (IoS-OP)”?

The “IoS Open Platform (hereinafter referred to as IoS-OP)” is the common infrastructure for ship and vessel operational data that makes it possible to share data among stakeholders without sacrificing the benefits of shipping companies and other data providers, and to provide data usage rights and various services to shipyards, manufacturers, and the like.  Its foundation consists of the data center, which collects and provides data, and the IoS-OP Usage Agreement, which is the industry’s agreed upon data distribution rules. It maintains the environment regarded as cooperative areas for matters related to data distribution so that stakeholders can focus on the competitive areas, such as innovation utilizing data and the development of new services.


These types of activities require a high degree of fairness, trust, and independence, which is why an organization composed of member companies, the IoS-OP Consortium, was established to ensure the safe and permanent operation of the IoS-OP. The initial 46 members of the IoS-OP Consortium at the time of its launch were comprised of shipping companies, shipyards, ship machinery companies, and telecommunications companies.