Industrial Use

Control Panels

We use leading edge electronics technology to provide control systems that make stable power supply and enhanced power quality possible and are optimized to meet any form of electricity or heating needs. We can accommodate a wide range of applications, such as high voltage and low voltage co-generation systems, and propose the optimal system for your situation. In addition, we have taken advantage of our knowledge of marine products to design and manufacture products that can withstand harsh conditions.

Standard Specifications
Applicable standards JIS, JEM, JEC, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (buildings), Nippon Engine Generator Association standards (NEGA)
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature: -5℃ - 40℃
Altitude conditions: less than 1,000 m above sea level
Voltage rating Low voltage: 200V class, 400V class
High voltage: 3300V, 6600 V
Special high voltage: 11000V
Frequencies 60Hz, 50Hz
Switchboard types Indoor self standing type (front maintenance, front and rear maintenance), outdoor self standing type (front maintenance, front and rear maintenance), built-in, wall mounted
IP codes Indoor panels: IP2X Outdoor panels: IP33
Paint specifications Salt resistant paint, heavy duty salt-resistant paint

*Specifications other than the standard specifications are also supported. Please inquire for details.
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Continuous use
Grid interconnection systems
Power reception constant control, proportional load sharing control, generator power factor constant control, seasonal power control
*Mainly used for peak shaving operation
Emergency use
Non-grid interconnection systems
Frequency constant control, proportional load sharing control (active power)
*Mainly used when the power supply is the generator islanding operation

Available Control Panels/Lineup