Marine Use

Control Panels

From small vessels to large ships, we provide switchboards that are compatible with a wide variety of power controls and take into account all aspects of ship operation and convenience. The splash-proof construction designed to be resistant to vibration, moisture, and heat guarantees long life and high efficiency for our switchboards. In addition, the use of touch panels and PLC* gives them advanced functionality.
*PLC:Programmable Logic Controller

Standard Specifications
Applicable standards NK, LR, ABS, DNV GL, BV, CR, CCS, other classification society standards, JIS, JEC, JEM, JCS, IEC
Environmental conditions Ambient temperature: 45℃ Humidity: 95%RH
Voltage rating Low voltage: 100V class, 200V class, 300V class, 400V class
High voltage: 3300V, 6600V
Frequencies 60Hz,50Hz
Switchboard types Free-standing (front maintenance, front and rear maintenance)
Wall mounted (distribution panels, starter panels only)
IP codes IP20, IP21, IP22, IP44 (starter panels only)

*Specifications other than the standard specifications are also supported. Please inquire for details.

Main switchboards Automatic synchronous function, automatic load sharing/ on-board load control for the number of standby generators/bus monitoring function/large capacity motor starting block control/non-critical load priority cutoff function/generator switchover in blackouts
Emergency switchboards Emergency power supply to each on-board load/load supply open & close, control, protection/provides backup power supply during main power generator system abnormalities
Battery Charge and discharge boards Power supply to onboard DC system/automatic & manual power reception and protection for general storage batteries
Distribution panels Supply power transmitted from the switchboard to each terminal load
Starter panels Starting methods: Direct on line start, reversible start, open Star Delta starter, closed Star Delta starter, pole-changing starter, compensation starter, soft starter
Control methods: Automatic switching, automatic start, automatic stop, manual stop

Available Control Panels /Lineup