Our Business

Industrial Business

Developing and supplying electric equipment and machinery for a wide range of industrial needs, based on proprietary heavy electric technology.

Proprietary technology and a wealth of know-how

Taking advantage of our proprietary know-how developed in the field of electric equipment and machinery for marine use where reliability is crucial, we also provide ultra-reliable electric equipment and machinery for industrial use. Since all our products are internally manufactured including generators, peripheral equipment, control panels and generator sets, we can quickly and flexibly meet specification requirements for each customer.
We select and recommend optimum equipment and machinery from our wide range of products such as various engines and other equipment, and aim to exceed customers' expectations by using our nationwide network of customer service agents to meet needs and solve issues immediately.

Meeting various electric power demands

We offer a broad lineup of electric power equipment, ranging from compact mobile generator sets to large high-voltage electric generators for industrial use. We can thus meet all requirements spanning from factories and commercial facilities, to recreational facilities, hotels, commercial buildings and hospitals. We not only supply high- and low-voltage generators in Japan but also export them around the world.
Our ability to meet the varying demands and specification requirements of each facility is one of our key strengths, backed by a wealth of experience and know-how built up over many decades. We will continue our never-ending pursuit of knowledge while designing our products to have minimal environmental impact and low energy consumption for today's world.

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