Company Profile

  • Founding – Post-War Reconstruction Period
  • Period of Rapid Economic Growth
  • Stable Growth Period - Present
1917 Hisaji Yamada established Yamada Sanritsusha (Kanda Mikawacho) and began manufacturing and selling light fixtures and electric appliances. Number of employees: Approx. 15 people

Outside Yamada Sanritsusha

1929 Hisaji Yamada was selected as the chairman of the Kanda Mikawacho Town Association.
Even after the town was renamed Tsukasamachi-itchome he continued his tenure as chairman.

Hisaji Yamada leads the people of Tsukasa-machi in radio calisthenics (1941)

1933 Yamada Sanritsusha expanded its business to include manufacturing small generators for fishing vessels.
1935 Manufacturing of switchboards began. Manufacturing and sales of small generators for fishing vessels became our core business.
1941 Hisaji Yamada became the acting chairman of the Japan Ship Electric Machinery and Equipment Association.

Hisaji Yamada at the Kanda Festival. (1941)

1942 Hisaji Yamada became the chairman of the *Shipbuilding Electric Council.
1943 December 15th: Yamada Sanritsusha, Japan Maritime Electric Corporation in Mukojima, Tokyo, and Asahi Power Generator Factory in Kobe merged to establish Taiyo Electric Co., Ltd. (1-23 Tsukasa-machi, Kanda-ku) with Hisaji Yamada as its first president.
1944 Gifu Factory was completed (18 Kisaragicho, Kasamatsu-cho, Hashima-gun, Gifu-ken). Number of employees: Approx. 200 people

DC Generators for the Shipping Bureau’s Shipbuilding Plan (1944)

Gifu Factory ground-breaking ceremony (1944)

1945 Tokyo air raids destroyed the Tokyo office in Tsukasa-machi, Kanda.
The Gifu Factory was hit by an air raid.
After the war, plans were made for reconstruction and production of generators and lighting equipment for fishing vessels resumed.

DC Generator for Fishing Boats (1945)

1947 Manufacturing of generators for fishing vessels and DC generators for fishing lamps began. A system for mass production to make DC generators a standard series was built.
1949 Sanshin Electric Corporation was established.
1950 Separately excited AC generator trial was successful.

Main gate at the Gifu Factory (1950)

1951 Production and delivery of Separately excited AC generators for large ships began. Began taking orders for marine induction motors.
1953 Sales exceeded 100 million yen (140 million yen)
1955 Hisaji Yamada received the Dark Blue Medal of Honor.
Takuzo Yamada is appointed president.
(Small) power generators for fishing vessels accounted for 80% of shares.

Revolving field type exciter system AC generator (1955)

Takuzo Yamada

1956 Taiyo Electric Sales was established and sales for the fishing vessel market was separated from Taiyo Electric. Taiyo Electric began specializing in the manufacturing and sales of marine and industrial generators, electric motors, electric equipment, and switchboards for major shipbuilders and overseas exports. Mass production of DC generators began.
1957 Hisaji Yamada was appointed parishioner representative at Kanda Shrine.
1958 A standard series of DC generators was established and mass production begins.
1959 A self-excited AC generator was developed and the AC era began.
1962 Isesaki factory was completed. The production of switchboards, control devices, and other items were separated from the Gifu factory.
Sales exceeded 1 billion yen (1.1 billion yen).

AC Distribution Board (1962)

1966 Hisaji Yamada received the Order of the Rising Sun, 4th Class.
Founder Hisaji Yamada passed.
Taiyo Electric Headquarters Building was completed.

Hisaji Yamada’s Order of the Rising Sun, 4th Class

Takuzo Yamada at the groundbreaking ceremony for the headquarters building.

1967 Takuzo Yamada was appointed parishioner representative at Kanda Shrine.
1968 Gunma factory was completed.
1971 Expanded business into the field of industrial generators. Established an industrial generator system and co-generation system.

Industrial Generator

1972 Sales exceeded 5 billion yen (5.6 billion yen).
1974 Jakarta office was opened.
1975 Sales exceeded 10 billion yen (10.4 billion yen).
1976 New York office was opened.
Established a representative office in Abu Dhabi to expand industrial generator sales.
Gifu-Hashima factory was completed. Production of ventilation fans for ships began.

Axial Flow Fans

1978 Takuzo Yamada was honored as a lifetime officer by the Japan Electrical Manufacturers’ Association.
1980 KT Electric Ltd. (Korea) was established.
1982 Mihara sales office was opened.
Gifu Factory became the first electric appliance manufacturer in Japan to be awarded Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance certification.
1983 First thyristor shaft generating system was delivered.
Contributions began toward low energy ship navigation systems.

Shaft generator installed on a ship

1984 Takuzo Yamada was awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor.
The first VVVF inverter panel (for Cooling Seawater Pumps) was delivered and further contributions were made toward on-board energy saving.

Inverter Panel

TEW Brushless AC Generator

AC Induction Motor for Bow Thrusters

FE AC Generator

1992 Takuzo Yamada was appointed chairman of the Japan Ship-Machinery Quality Control Association.
1993 Number of thyristor shaft generating systems delivered reached 100.
Gifu factory became the first marine manufacturer in Japan to obtain ISO-9001 certification.
1994 Takuzo Yamada received the Order of the Sacred Treasure, 4th Class.
1995 Kani factory was completed.
1996 Shinzo Yamada was appointed president.
Gunma Business Center was completed.
1999 Gunma factory obtained ISO-9001 certification.
2000 Developed a new LX-M industrial generator (PMG excited high-voltage generator).
Developed new industrial LX-G/E/H generators (low voltage generators).
Taiyo Techno Sales Ltd. was established.

Emergency Diesel Generator Set

2001 Number of thyristor shaft generating systems delivered reached 200.
2002 100 VVVF Inverter Panels were delivered (for cargo oil pumps).
2005 Sales exceeded 15 billion yen (16.5 billion yen).
2006 Shinzo Yamada was appointed chairman of the Japan Ship-Machinery Quality Control Association.
Permanent magnet synchronous generator (GE-type) was delivered.
2007 200 VVVF Inverter Panels were delivered (for mooring winches).
2008 Sales exceeded 19 billion yen (19.5 billion yen).
2009 300 VVVF Inverter Panels were delivered (for electric propulsion/handling compressors).
2010 The System Control Technical Headquarters is established and the development of system products that contribute to protecting the environment and saving energy began along with an enhanced sales approach.
2011 Shinzo Yamada was awarded the Blue Ribbon Medal of Honor.
2012 400 VVVF Inverter Panels were delivered (PWM power supply).
2013 Delivered a small hydraulic power generation system verification tester (generator and control panel).
2014 Number of thyristor shaft generating systems delivered reached 300.
500 VVVF Inverter Panels delivered (for cooling seawater pump).
Gas Cogeneration Set, received a Special Award in the Technical Development Division of the Cogeneration Awards in cooperation with Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions and Samsung.
2015 Singapore branch was opened.
2016 5750KVA high voltage AC generators (HEW-type) for 20000TEU container ships are delivered

HEW-type High Voltage AC Generator 5750kVA

2017 Shinzo Yamada is appointed parishioner representative at Kanda Shrine.
Shinzo Yamada is appointed Chairman of the Japan Ship Machinery and Equipment Association
600 VVVF inverter panels (for engine room ventilators) are delivered.
First PWM shaft generating system delivered.
The Taiyo dormitory at the Gunma plant is newly constructed.
Gas Co-Generation Set, won the “Technology Award” from The Japan Gas Association in conjunction with Tokyo Gas Engineering Solutions and Samsung.
First Lighting Tower delivered. Mass production began.

2017 Kanda Festival
In front of Taiyo Electric Headquarters
Shinzo Yamada

Lighting Tower