Marine Use


Our generators adopt a brushless excitation method and are highly efficient and reliable. In addition, the construction is such that the bearings and windings can be easily maintained giving our products long life. We also use F or H-class insulation and have achieved a compact, lightweight construction for higher efficiency reducing the required installation space. Our generators are compatible with a variety of ship classes and can be adopted for marine use with complete peace of mind.

Standard Specifications
Applicable standards JIS, JEC, JEM, and other various classifications
Usage Standard use, emergency use
Voltage rating Low voltage: 225V, 450V (380V option)
High voltage: 3300V, 6600V
Frequencies 60Hz, 50Hz
IP codes IP22, IP23, IP44
Insulation F class, H class
Environmental Conditions Ambient temperature: -5℃ - 45℃
Number of poles 4P, 6P, 8P, 10P, 12P
Other Crimp terminal, marine cable ground (JIS C 3410)

Output range

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